How many orders are available in your area?

BPO orders are available in all 50 states for members who earn BPOR. Select your MSA from the list below to view a current estimate of the BPO orders available in your area.

It is important to note that the actual orders can vary based on a number of factors, including order volume from the participating BPO management companies, the number of management companies participating in the program, seasonality, and the number of BPOR preferred providers in a market. In addition, members who earn BPOR will receive preference for BPO orders from the participating management companies, but must nevertheless perform the assigned BPO work punctually and accurately in order to receive the greatest advantage from the priority received through earning BPOR.

To view an estimate of the number of orders available in your MSA market through the BPOR program, please select the MSA from the list below:


Order Count: 586,801

Additional benefits

Earning BPOR provides a number of important benefits, in addition to enrollment as a preferred BPO provider eligible to receive orders from the leading BPO management companies.

  • Core course is an elective for ABR® designation
  • Differentiation as a BPOR in the online directories at® and
  • Use of BPOR logo and name
  • Downloadable BPOR certificate
  • Customizable press release
  • BPOR lapel pin available for purchase through the REALTOR® Team Store
  • No annual certification dues (although you must maintain membership in NAR to use BPOR)

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